Alpha Laboratories provide a comprehensive range of latest and traditional Analytical Chemistry services to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, and associated industries. Alpha is well-appointed with advanced instrumentation to perform a wide range of chemical and instrumental analysis following procedures described in the USP, EP, BP, JP and clients’ procedures.

Industries Served:


Alpha Laboratories has been providing and continue to provide high quality analytical testing support to pharmaceutical companies over
43 years. We are trusted partners for several pharmaceutical organizations in Canada and the US.
We understand the demands of the global pharmaceutical sector in supporting analytical services both in chemistry and microbiology. We also understand the importance of quality testing as your product moves from prototype to the finished product.
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Natural Health Products

Alpha Laboratories is leader in the analysis of nutraceutical, herbal, food, beverage, nutritional products and raw materials. Our analyses include heavy metals analysis, microbiological, US Pharmacopea (USP) and AOAC methodologies, and USP disintegration and dissolution tests. Our high quality service also include analysis of fruit juices and other food products for adulteration. These tests will provide raw material suppliers, contract manufacturers, and food, beverage and nutritional manufacturers with the means to test for specific contaminants.
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Cosmetics and personal Care

Each year, Alpha Laboratories tests hundreds of products for shelf life, stability, and preservative effectiveness. We also provide routine microbiological quality testing to large cosmetic manufacturers for routine and non-routine analysis of Cosmetics, Personal Care products, Perfumes, Skin Care, Hair Care, Beauty Care, and Toiletries.
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Alpha is the ideal laboratory for food quality testing for national and multi-national food processors and retailers. Food analysis covers the determination of heavy metals, pesticide, preservatives, and microbial contamination. Our expertise helps customers diminish risks and guard their brand reputation at every stage of the process.
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