Wet Chemistry


Alpha Laboratories combines deep knowledge, decades of hands on experience, and state of the art equipment to master all the complexities of excellent wet chemistry analytical services.

  • Acid Soluble Substances
  • Acidity or Alkalinity
  • Alginates assay, Hydroxyl-propoxy group assay, Nitrogen assay by Kjeldahl's method
  • Assay of all raw materials and finished products using validated methods
  • Average molecular weight of polymers
  • Gravimetric Analysis
  • Hydroxyl value, Saponification value, and Iodine value
  • Identification tests for all raw materials
  • Oxygen flask combustion for selenium limit test and sulphur assay
  • Water content by Karl Fischer method
  • Limit tests for chloride, sulphate, chlorinated compounds, aldehydes, lead, iron, polynuclear compounds, arsenic, mercury, heavy metals, fatty acids, and esters
  • Water soluble substances